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CrossFit Petal

Member of the Month


David Alexander

David’s CrossFit journey started in 2009. He says that he loves CrossFit because the workouts are never the same, and every day is a challenge to push harder than the day before.  David’s favorite movement is pull-ups and all of the practice he has put into them, shows in his great kips!  After being stationed at Camp Shelby, he joined Crossfit Petal in February 2014, but had not done any CrossFit for a year and a half. He jumped back in head first, and has become a top athlete and an honorable member.  He says that he really loves the people and atmosphere most, at CrossFit Petal.  David’s attendance to class is very admirable. If he is unable to attend his regular 6pm class, he finds a way to come to a morning class. He says his day just doesn’t feel right if he does not come to class. He always has a smile on his face, a great attitude, and is quick to help anyone in need.  Congratulations to David Alexander!


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Mission Statement

At CrossFit Petal we believe every person has an inner athlete waiting to be discovered. We strive to reach personal goals as an individual but also promote a sense of fitness and community.  We believe by educating athletes on proper movements through skill work and functional movements, we can minimize their risks of injury both during workouts and also every day life activities while increasing strength and level of fitness.  By using this approach there should be no limitations on who can participate regardless of  level of physical fitness, age or previous injuries. This can be accomplished by modifying or scaling any movement necessary.

Through our constantly varied, high intensity workouts, we hope to promote friendly competition but also a sense of camaraderie. Our goal is to have a CrossFit family that is supportive of one another. With motivation and support, we believe everyone will get stronger together, both physically and mentally, so that they may ultimately achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.